Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monkey in Mantoloking

Monkey isn't the first famous visitor to this little town by the sea (as of the last census there were only 423 people, 207 households, and 140 families residing in the borough.)

In August of 1953, the then Vice President Richard Nixon and his family enjoyed the beach with their dog Checkers while on a weekend holiday in Mantoloking, New Jersey. (Richard Nixon Library)

According to Wikipedia there have been several other famous residents and visitors including Katherine Hepburn. I can't confirm that or deny it.
Another infamous visitor although not technically a resident is James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano who I have seen around the streets.

And now Mr. Monkey from Canada - He's in good company!


lisagh said...

How fab! He's in good company indeed. If you see Mr. Gandolfini, Monkey would surely go ape! (excuse the pun)

Pinky and the Law said...

I have no doubt that Monkey will go down in history as the most famous Primate to visit!!! Hopefully monkey will get to see some other famous people or animals on his adventure!!

a. said...

It's hit or miss...a couple of summers ago you would see him riding around in a convertible, riding his bike, at the 7-11 getting a NY Post but I haven't seen him at all lately. Maybe if he knows Monkey is around he might want to stop by my house :-)

Anonymous said...

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