Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monkeys here, monkeys there

I know there's probably a technical term for this phenomenon, but you know how when you have a certain something in your life you suddenly start seeing that thing everywhere? Like when I had a Volvo, I started seeing Volvos everywhere (granted, we live in Berkeley, and before the advent of Toyota Prius, the Volvo was the official car of Berkeley). Now I have a Honda CRV (so much more me), and guess what? CRVs everywhere.

Lately Sophie and I have had Monkey on the brain. Whenever the computer is on, Sophie asks to check up on him. She's planning sleeping arrangements (the doll cradle or bunk beds?), wardrobe (will he fit in the American Girl clothes?), and of course activities (she thinks he will like a lot of the really fun places she likes—you think?).

And so what do you think we saw on our trip to the toy store yesterday?

That's right. A REALLY BIG ONE. "Take a picture for Crafty MacDrafty," Sophie instructed.

And then on the way out . . .

. . . a little bitty one! Popping out of a box.

And so she asked me for the zillionth time "WHEN IS HE COMING???" Seriously, this is right up there with Christmas in terms of anticipation. In the meantime, we know Monkey is having a great trip, and we're loving reading about his adventures.


lisagh said...

I love it! I hope Sophie is a very patient little lady. The way he's traveling right now, I think it might just be Christmas by the time he gets to you!

Brie said...

:) I hope he isn't cranky from all the travel delays when he arrives. If for any reason he is behind schedule for his trip to me in NJ - fear not. I can show him as good - perhaps even better - a time in Cape Cod. We're flexible!

tommie said...

That is so cute! I saw one in Target yesterday. I almost bought it. In fact, I might go back and get it.

Cindy said...

Hmm. Winter could work. We'd love to take a picture of Monkey at the top of the Granite Chief lift at Squaw!

Anonymous said...

I saw the "monkey-in-the-box" too & I was so excited I almost bought it!

As long as he gets to me before Labor day...I want to show Mr Monkey a good time in the Hamptons!! Although winter is nice & quiet too...either way will be good times. ;)