Wednesday, May 7, 2008

He's Here! He's Here!

Our favorite Canadian Simian arrived safely at the Diva Household yesterday and didn't seem too much the worse for wear. After some acclimation, he went straight for the bananas. He was thrilled to see that we'd prepared well for his visit.
The Manimal immediately claimed Monkey as his own.
Unfortunately, he was very perplexed as to where the rest of Monkey's socks were. He felt that the other appendages must be cold, since they didn't have the nice warm fuzzy socks.
After his trip, Monkey was content to watch a bit of after-school television with The Manimal (especially since other animals were the subject!).
Later we discovered that Monkey had a knack for spelling, as he helped Sweet Son #1 with his homework. Of course, anyone who can spell W-I-N-N-I-P-E-G, M-A-N-I-T-O-B-A is sure to be a spelling bee champion.
Monkey was thrilled to find out that he'd be enjoying some "local cuisine" for dinner, as we introduced him to the Chicago Hot Dog. No ketchup on this dog, thankyouverymuch. Just mustard, chopped tomatoes and a bit of celery salt. Monkey enjoyed his hot dog dinner immensely.
After a long day of travel, Monkey was pretty exhausted. We'd set up the guest room for him, but he chose to bunk with his new best bud and some other friends he'd made. We had our story and it was time to snuggle down for the night.

Sweet Dreams!
Next....Monkey is headed off to second grade with SS#1, and because of his academic prowess, will head right to college!


Meg said...

Yea! I'm so happy he made it safely. I had fears that the USPS would claim him as their own, seeing as how he is such a swell guy.

Enjoy him! Can't wait to read about your adventures with him.

lisagh said...

This is wonderful! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Siansburys said...

Heehee! Can't wait to see that Chicago dog... mmm *jealooose* :D

cake. said...

this blog is so cute!