Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Traveling in Style

Yesterday, a couple of you asked what it was you saw on Monkey's arm in his traveling case. As you know, the accessories one adorns themselves with says volumes about them. So of course, this nifty little navigator had to be decked out with the de rigeur of rucksacks.

A custom made, monogrammed back pack; fits perfect on this little Monkey.

Do you want a peek at what's inside? Why naturally, it's some snacks!

A well-balanced little meal, just in case he needs a nibble while en route from destination to destination. Start off with a yummy sandwich.

Followed with a healthy carrot and of course, his favorite: a banana!

And a wee sweetie for dessert... chocolate cupcake. Yum!

I've just checked UPS tracking and he's officially "In Transit" and has been departure scanned out of Omaha, Nebraska. Hmm... I wonder if we can count Nebraska as another State he's been in?! He's scheduled to arrive at his first stop on Thursday!

. . .


Julia said...

This is fabulous! I love that monkey got onto CBC!

I wish that Monkey could stop by Ottawa on his final leg. I don't think I got registered in time, but since he is Canadian, I really think Monkey should work Ottawa into his itinerary!


lisagh said...

Stay in touch with his travels, J and I'll see if he can make a pit stop at our country's capital.

Tanya said...

Did you craft his treats yourself? They are gorgeous!

I am floored every time by the level of talent creative and crafty ladies have. Just wow.

Cindy said...

Amazing. You just knew we would want to know what's inside, didn't you?

Sophie and I are taking a doll making class on Sunday, and she's suggested we make him a GIRL FRIEND. Any my sewing class? I'm on the phone right now.

tommie said...

how cute....that cupcake is adorable.

KK said...

Is there something wrong with me if I tell you I really want to steal Monkey's backpack?!!!

Now why didn't you pack some booze for him? Is Monkey not that kind of guy?

Julia said...

Yay! Well, I will understand if Monkey can't make it to O-town. He's likely to be completely exhausted!

Cindy said...

Sophie has a new nickname for you: Crafty McDafty. She is seriously impressed. And she says she really likes Monkey.

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Cupcake. That's my name for you, Leesie. MWAH!