Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On My Preppy Bookshelf

Or: Monkey! Behave Yourself!

Last week you saw Monkey misbehaving with me at the office. And believe me, it didn't stop there. Monkey started getting fresh with Carey... smoochie smoochie.

And then was downright cheeky with Heather...

So, I scooped up that silly simian, put her in the car and took her home to teach her some manners...

That's right, I sat Monkey down with some very important reading material and I hope it will help change her ways.

The book you see is "As a Lady Would Say" by Sheryl Shade. It's one in a collection of books personalized exclusively to Brooks Brothers and they're a must read for well-mannered Monkeys and Preppies alike. This one, from the series of twelve for ladies and gentlemen, is my first in what I hope to be an entire collection.

I purchased this one for a young, preppy, gentleman friend for Christmas.
For anyone who enjoys etiquette books (and who doesn't?!), these little volumes are entertaining (they're not without a touch of humor), serve as great reminders of basic manners (goodness knows, I need that every now and then), and with their navy leather binding, swirly gold lettering and Brooks Brothers embossed logo, are a lovely addition to any preppy bookshelf.

And if I do say so myself, make for a very refined little Monkey.

. . .

ED. NOTE: April 2008
It was found out, after this post was written, that Monkey is, in fact, a boy. The author extends her deepest apologies to Monkey and his family.

. . .

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